8.589743 %....589743 repeating==== 134/1560 my wins divided by my total games.

my spider solitaire score. the most difficult level.

oh, BTW my son mike is missing. it is 30dec2008 tuesday late morning

Halejuiah! my daughter just called! he is found at his girlfriend's house. he's gotta get

outa there. but at least he is found.

jeez i am going back to no punctuation no capitilization it's just easier to write

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: i'll go back and fix it later.

Mozart K525 now september songs by that weird german guy: kurt weil

what the hell can i do

is my son struggling because i do not capitilize or punctuate!

Well, let me take care of that. I will make my third grade elementary school teacher proud.

I recall her name as Mrs. Shaughnessy; but,

i don't trust my recollections much anymore. Jesus, I am glad Mike called Sarah.

He and Barbara, the girlfreind, were arguing and

he got out of the car and left there on the interstate in the Bronx near the GW. Now what to do?

I think Mike has got to get his outburst behavior under control.

I think he needs some space from Barbara now.

Let's reflect on this.

Jesus, I am glad he is found!

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